Enjoying Tea

With Winter fast approaching and the weather getting colder it is the perfect time to get out your cup of hot tea to warm your body and soul.

I find I drink coffee all year,but I tend to lean towards my hot teas more and more as the chill of winter sets in. I love how hot tea soothes my soul. But I never really thought about the fact that with the right tools my tea drinking experience could be enhanced.

That was before I came across a company called Enjoying Tea. This company seems to know everything you need to know about tea.

They sale so many varieties it is almost impossible to decide and they also have some of the most unique tea sets I have ever seen.

There where so many choices I had a super hard time making a final decision as to which set I would choose. I finally settled on this super sturdy Japanese Cast Iron Dragonfly Tea Set. I choose one in green which is my favorite color. The dragonfly is the symbol for good fortune and who can’t use a little of that!

Cast Iron Tea pots retain heat evenly and stay warm for a very long time. This set is super heavy and it comes with a removable stainless filter basket for all your loose teas as well.

For some reason the top photo will not enlarge? So I made this super enlarged to show you the great detail and craftsmanship of this tea set. As you can see it also came with 2 tea cups and a trivet as the cast iron tea-pot gets really hot and you would not want to just sit it on a counter.

I heated the water in my electric kettle then poured into my tea pot.My water was still warm after 2 hours. I have to say I really never thought I needed a tea set until now,but having cup after cup of nice warm tea without having to go reheat the water was so nice!

So if you would like to enhance your tea drinking experience or just need to pick up a box of your favorite variety of tea, then head over to enjoyingtea.com now to see the full line of products they have for your drinking pleasure.

Disclaimer:I was given the tea set for free for review purposes .All opinions are mine alone.


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