Emerson Creek Pottery

When I was a little girl my Great Grandmother made all kinds of ceramic things.I just thought they were all so beautiful and extra special because they were made by hand with love.

Well recently I came across a company that still takes great pride in making Homemade and Hand painted ceramics for every day use. I had a very hard time deciding what product I wanted to review as there are so many choices. They make dinnerware,baby ware, even pet food bowls. The choices of design and color were almost endless.Every piece they make comes in multiple designs and colors to match any decor.

As you can see I finally settled on this gorgeous Ceramic Honey Pot. I got it in Copper Clay which has a beautiful shiny glaze I couldn’t resist.

Each Honey Pot comes with its own wooden honey dipper that is my favorite part of this pot. I have always wanted a classic honey pot and with Fall here and all the hot tea I drink this will get lots of use thru the cold winter months.

So if you can’t wait to get your own sweet honey pot of your choice ,please click on photo below and enter to win one of your very own


Let me know what you think