EatSmart Precision Pro Kitchen Scale Review

As our family has changed our way of thinking and eating in the last year we have grown a lot smarter about food and our bodies.

So I was really excited to get a chance to review a kitchen scale from EatSmart. This company helps you do exactly what the name states eat smarter!

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We were given the Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale to review. Honestly I never even thought of owning a kitchen scale before.I didn’t think I would ever have a reason to use one. Boy was I wrong! I have used it almost everyday.

This scale comes ready to use with batteries already installed.It runs of two AAA batteries,so no fancy special batteries to buy which I really like.

It also comes with a neat little book that helps you track how many calories are in the foods you eat each day.So all you have to do is weigh each item in grams and then you can calculate the calories you will consume from that item.

By weighing our food I know exactly how many calories we are eating and can better plan our meals with good health in mind.

Another one of my favorite features of this scale is the tare feature. I like that I can use a bowl and then still get an accurate weight of all my products minus the bowl.


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This is me weighing out some broccoli to use in my new steamer I bought. It called for exactly  10 oz. Before I had this scale I would have just guessed and probably been way off! My eyes seem to measure things in way larger portions! So I loved the fact that I could get all my measurements exact and know exactly how many calories are in each meal I fix for my family.

Overall I give this EatSmart Precision Pro Kitchen Scale an A+.

It works really well.It seems to be sturdy and well made and I love that I can count my calories.

Disclaimer:I was given the scale to review.Doing a review is always my choice and all opinions stated are mine and mine alone.





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