Easy Decorating with Wall Pops

I love a cute well decorated house, don’t you? Well the problem at my house is I don’t have one artsy bone in my whole entire body! I do have two daughters who could turn trash into treasure and I have always been jealous of woman whose homes are so nicely decorated.

I can paint and that is about it. My creative talents are limited so at my last house I really got into using vinyl wall pieces to decorate my very plain walls. The problem is vinyl can get expensive if you don’t know where to look. Well I recently found Wall Pops and boy was I surprised!

At Wall Pops they make stylish décor simple. With easy to use removable, reusable and repositionable wall stickers decorating just got easier.


I chose a beautiful wall piece called Twiggy .My design came on 2 sheets of paper like the photo on the right.  Wall Pops makes it impossible to mess this up,because all the pieces are peel and stick .Plus you can move them if it isn’t exactly right the first time.

I put my whole tree together in less than 30 minutes by just looking at the picture on the box. There really is no wrong way to put it up,as there where more than one way shown on the box.So at the end you can have a custom piece a bit different then anybody else.

So here is my finished tree. We put ours on the bedroom wall and I just love it! It looks like a painting and the good part is if we move I can remove it and put it back up somewhere else. Plus it even went up great on a textured wall which I have had trouble with other vinyl before staying up on textured walls.

Overall I am really impressed with Wall Pops and can’t wait to purchase more to beautify the walls of my living room,dining room , and the kids rooms. So if you to want a cute house on a budget or like me just have not artsy talent then head over to Wall Pops and let them be the artist. There is something for everybody!

Twiggy Kit retails for $30.99 and it was well worth it!

Disclaimer: I was given Twiggy Kit for free for review purposes.Doing a review of the product was up to me. All opinions stated are mine and mine alone.

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