Dot $ Dot Packing 15″ Folder Review

Dot&Dot Travel Series

This company makes some of the most functional packing products I have come across in a long time.

Today I am going to share with you a packing folder by Dot & Dot that makes packing a breeze with one easy carry on. Helping you to avoid long security checks at the airport or for light luggage when going on a long camping trip as we do.

We do a bit of camping and when we do we like to primitive camp and we hike all our belongings in. So we need to minimize our luggage and pack smart.

With this nifty packing folder you can easily pack up to 7 shirts or pants into just one folder. You can use multiple folders then just stack them in a duffle bag and carry a whole lot of clothes in one bag.

At first I was a bit confused on how to fold the clothes or how the thing even worked, so I went to Youtube and watched a video on how to fold them. Really easy to do and it works perfect every time.



Let me know what you think