DesignerLiners Fancy Up Any Room

I am not a very creative person when it comes to decorating.I truly wish I was,but the truth is I suck at it bad! I always go into my friends homes and they are decorated so cute and I get jealous. Why can’t my house look like that?

Well I have found a product that helps just a bit.

IMG_0847Designerliners are a quick way to brighten up any room. I know you are thinking these are just trash bags. Well yeah I guess they are,but the are adorable and come in many colors and patterns to match any decor.

So instead of using plain white or black trash bag liners you can add some spice to the room with these cool liners.


This is my bathroom trashcan all decked out in green polka dots. Everyone who walked into my bathroom had something to say about these super cute designerliners in Green Polka dot. I think they really added a touch of creative beauty to my bathrooms and I actually enjoyed changing my trash bags out as I loved putting a brand new colorful bag in every time.

Designerliners come two ways.You can either buy a 12pk for $9.95 or you can buy 100pk for $39.95 these are sold thru and can all be found HERE

So if you are looking for a quick easy way to decorate on a budget then I would highly recommend these bags.They are sturdy and never ripped and come in small,medium, and large.

Disclaimer:I was given one 12pk for review purposes.Doing a review is always my choice and all opinions stated are mine and mine alone.



7 thoughts on “DesignerLiners Fancy Up Any Room

  1. I have a “blah” bathroom that could easily have a whole different vibe with colorful liners in my trashcan. Not to mention the fact that my oldest daughter would love these to use in her room also. Thanks!

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