Cravebox BBQ Limited Edition Box

So guys if you haven’t heard of Cravebox yet you are missing out! They are a company who has a monthly subscription box and special limited edition boxes. All boxes are $10 free shipping. This is a limited edition BBQ box. To get one you need to sign up on the mailing list and enter to be picked for one. I finally got picked this month and was super excited to see what I would get!

So this is what it looked like when I opened it.Cute,cute!!! packaging which I love!!!

First thing we got was True Lemon Lemonade packs you add to a water bottle. My kids and hubby love lemonade,so this won’t last long at my house.Plus lemonade is always the perfect addition to a BBQ. This box sells for $3.99 and is a 10 count package

We then got Mighty Leaf Iced tea in Sunburst Green. I didn’t even know they made Iced Tea bags,so this was great to get so now I know:) We go thru 2 gallons of sweet tea a day,so happy to have a new kind to try. This bag makes a 64oz pitcher of tea and boy was it yummy! Right now at you can get 2 boxes for $10!!! pretty good special.I am buying mine for sure.Plus you get a coupon for $1.75 off your next store purchase.

I also got this coupon to go get a free BIC multi-purpose lighter up to $5.99. Have to have a good lighter to get that BBQ burning! This item also goes perfectly with the next item….

watch this videoĀ  to see how it works

BIC Flamedisk is my favorite item in the box!!! I found these at Target yesterday for $3.99 so very affordable.We can’t wait to try ours on our next camping trip. Will have to get more of these for sure! I hate cleaning my grill and this eliminates the need for that. Great product I had never heard of before I got this box.

And the final item we got was the Mozaik 48 piece appetizer set. I had never heard of this brand before,but now that I have I will be purchasing more of these cute ,functional products for my next get together. These are the cutest little app plates and forks I have ever seen!!! I found these on amazon for $9.41(for a 2 pk.) .So please check out all the Mozaik line you will be impressed with the style and functionality of the products.

So guys there is my BBQ Cravebox. I truly hope I win the next Limited Edition box since it is for the pet’s in your life. So head to to sign up now if you want a chance to try new products we all crave.

*I purchased this box with my own money and all reviews and opinions are mine alone.

Let me know what you think