Cravebox Back To School Limited Edition Box

Well guys this is the first Cravebox I have ever gotten late.With that said I did get awesome news directly from the CEO in an email saying that they were giving everybody a refund for this box as it had many hang ups and didn’t ship on time.I have to say that great customer service is just one of the many reasons why I love Cravebox!

This is the Back To School box and it was $13 before the complete refund which made it FREE! (my favorite price)

In this box we got a full size Yummy Bears childrens vitamins with dha/omega 3.These are made by Hero Nutritionals and are the #1 nutritionist-recommended gummy vitamin.THey are allergen,gluten and dairy free.My two teens both gave these a try.My son loved them and is continuing to take them.My daughter said they tasted fishy? These retail for$27.99 but I found them at for $19.99

I was super excited to get these new Bic Atlantis Ball Pen and Mechanical Pencil packs.With 2  teens in high school we never seem to have enough pens and pencil to go around.These come in super cute colors and the pencils have cushioned tips to help you have less lead breakage.I found these at walmart for $2.97 for pens and I could not find an exact match on the pens, but around $5ish? check out all the new products at

We also got a coupon for the new Lunchable with a fruit smoothie.These come in 3 new varieties.Will be using this soon as my kids take their lunch everyday to school.This will put a smile on any kids face at lunch time.Retails for $2.97 at local stores

I was really happy to see Fruit of The Earth 100% Aloe Vera gel in our box as this company is based in my hometown.Who can’t use a tube of this stuff?Great for small boo boos or sunburns plus  it has many more uses as well.This sells for $3.97 at That is the cheapest I could find it.

This next product Halo is new to me.I would compare it to airborne except this is a spray you pump 3 times in your mouth to form a protective barrier against germs.This is great for anyone who has to be in enclosed spaces with lots of people and you want to protect yourself from illness.I will be sending mine to my Mom who has a lowered immunity and needs the added defenses.You can find this at for $10.99 or at your local drugstore,walmart,and Target

And for those fall/winter colds and runny noses you want to be prepared with the new Slim pack from Kleenex.These packs are just too cute and I love all the new designs!You can find these at your local walmart,Target,ect. Retail is $2.97 for a 3 pk

The final item in this month’s Back To School box is the Little  Pim Dvd in Spanish.Little Pim is one of my 2 grandsons favorites.They have been learning French with Pim for over a year.I highly recommend this amazingly cute DVD‘s for all babies,toddlers and preschoolers.Pim teaches them in a fun easy to learn way.Please check out for the full line of products and all the language choices available.This DVD retails for $17.95

So guys as you can see Cravebox as always delivers and delivers big!This box would have been $13 and as you can see that is way more than your moneys worth.Hope you will give Cravebox a try to see how great they are ,and you too will Crave Cravebox!

*Disclaimer:I was not paid for this review and all opinions are mine alone

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