Clairvoyant Beauty Weather Proof Collection Review and Giveaway

Clairvoyant Beauty

Have you heard of this company before? Well if not ladies you are in for a treat! Clairvoyant Beauty marries  age-old natural remedies and the latest in skincare science to deliver luxurious, hand-crafted anti-aging formulas that restore the skin to its most beautiful and balanced state.

This company was started by Lexi Masterson who was inspired by her Grandmother’s beautiful skin to create all natural beauty products for the health-minded woman of today.

Clairvoyant Beauty Products use all natural and organic ingredients and are formulated in small batches to ensure the highest quality.

Even the packaging and containers are made from recycled materials.

I was recently able to try some of these wonderful products for myself. I was able to try the Weather Proof Collection. This collection comes with  Facial Cleansing & Massage Oil ,Hydrating Rosewater Toner, Hydrating Roses Cream,and a Gentle Rosewater Eye Cream.

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During the winter month’s my skin gets super dry and and requires lots of extra attention. This set is made to help your skin stay refreshed,protected, and nourished with no harmful chemicals to worry about.

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When I received my set they were out of stock on the Facial Cleansing& massage oil ,so I received the French Clay Cleanser with DMAE .This cleanser has French Pink and Green Clay which draws out impurities and softens the skin while the DMAE gives it a toned appearance. This cleanser has no harsh smell and rinsed away clean and fresh.

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The next step is the Hydrating Rose Water Toner which you put on a cotton ball and gently apply in an upward motion.I love the scent of rose and I loved this toner.It can also be used as a cool spritzer throughout the day.

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The third step to Weather Proofing your skin is in my opinion the most important step. I couldn’t live without moisturizer and this one is definitely a keeper.The Hydrating Roses Cream goes on easy and is not greasy at all.It absorbed super fast and made my face baby smooth.

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The final step is the Rosewater Eye Cream.This only takes a very small amount that you dab around your eyes.Make sure to never pull or rub the skin around your eyes as it is very delicate.

I am very picky about the products I use daily on me and my family.The amount of toxins and chemicals we all have to live with every day is unavoidable ,but we do have a choice it what products we choose to use on our bodies and in our homes.

Clairvoyant Beauty takes great care and puts a lot of thought into every product. They have recently had some major upgrades as a company. They have a newly designed website that is super easy to navigate.They have also recently redesigned their packages and have added even more great products to the Clairvoyant  Beauty Product Line.

So now that you have seen and read about how wonderful I think the company is they have been generous enough to share a complete

Weather Proof Collection – Cold & Dry

This set retails for $95 and I am super excited to know that one of you guys will get to try out these great products for yourself!

To enter just click on the image below Good Luck!

Clairvoyant Beauty


Disclaimer:I was given the Weather Proof Set for review purposes.Doing a review is always my choice and all opinions stated are mine and mine alone.I am not responsible for time frame of Prize delivery.Must be US resident to enter.




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  1. This looks totally indulgent and I’d love to try the fragrances just because I’m a sucker for great smelling perfumes, colognes, and everything else.

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