Chobani Flips and Bites Review

Chobani recently sent us some of the newest flavors to come out,to try in our home. With Chobani you always know you are getting nothing but real ingredients. In our home it is THE yogurt. When we say yogurt we mean Chobani.

Well I can’t even tell you how excited my household was when all of this showed up!!! Too say we were stoked is an understatement. At first I thought how in the heck can we eat all this before it goes bad? Well lucky for me,that was never an issue.

With two teenagers still living at home this stuff just flew out of the fridge. Everyday after school the kids and their friend all chose Chobani instead of junk food.

The Chobani Flip they came out with taste like dessert and have such a sweet flavor that you forget how good they are for you. They come in lots of tasty flavors,but two really stood out for us.

We all fought over the Key Lime with graham crackers & white chocolate. I haven’t been able to find this flavor in my local store yet,but I hope it arrives soon as we are sold on its great flavor! It is so good words won’t even do it justice.

The other flavor I fell in love with is the Honey Bee Nana.It has the taste of fresh mashed bananas and sweet honey.

The other new Chobani is the Bite.These come in 4 new flavors that I thought were really unique combinations you can’t find anywhere else.

-Raspberry with Dark Chocolate Chips

-Fig with Orange Zest

-Caramel with Pineapple Chunks

-Coffee with Dark Chocolate Chips.

Again for our family 2 flavors really stood out. My kids loved the Caramel with Pineapple Chunks, were me and the hubby loved the Fig with Orange Zest. All of these had big chunks of fruit or chocolate that really tingled the taste buds.

Have you tried any of the new flavors yet that Chobani has to offer? If so comment below with what flavors you like best!!!

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Disclaimer:I was sent the products for free to review in our home.Doing a review is always my choice and all opinions stated are mine and mine alone.I was not compensated in any other way for this review.







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  1. I’ve seen this brand at the store recently. I’ve thought about trying it, now I will! Thanks for sharing.

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