Bulu July 2012










Alright here is my much-anticipated second Bulu box.If you don’t already know Bulu is a vitamin/nutritional supplement monthly subscription box which is $10 + free shipping and you can cancel anytime. But I am betting you won’t want to.

My husband is currently dieting so he was excited to get his hands on this bottle! This is HIT(High Intensity Thermogenic) this is supposed to promote weight loss and metabolic fat burning.This is a full 7 day supply,so you should know in that amount of time if this is a product you want to purchase. It also is supposed to help with mental focus….huh? maybe I should have kept that bottle:)Full size product sells for $59.99 at GNC.com

We got two of the Ola Loa energy vitamin drink mixes in Orange and Cran-raspberry. These tasted pretty good,but I am not a big fan of drinking my vitamins,So I was glad to get the energy ones of this product.Works pretty good for a natural energy boost. This product is sold in boxes of 30 packets for $34.99, as well as 5-packet Travel Packs for $6.99 at drinkyourminerals.com

When I first saw this bar Detour Whey Protein  it looked like a snickers bar. I really wanted to try this,but again the hubby ran off with it.He did say it tasted amazing for a protein bar.Guess I will have to buy one to see for myself. This is a low sugar bar with 83%less sugar then the original one.I think that is a huge improvement!  We got Caramel Peanut,but they also come in Peanut Butter Cream and Chocolate Chip Caramel(one I want ) You can purchase these at detourbar.com  $12.51 for 9 bars

In this box this was by far our favorite item! Green Tea Hawaii drink mix is natural energy you stir into a water bottle.2 packets =70 regular cups of coffee!!! Yes 70 people and believe me it feels like it.You will be bursting with energy….way more then any Redbull or Redline buzz. I promise it works!!! You can get these at greenteahawaii.com $69.95 for 60 packets.So a bit over $1 each water bottle.Pretty cheap compared to most energy drinks.We will be buying this for sure!

The final item in this month’s box was also a great one.Coromega3+D Squeeze. 2 of the most important vitamins together in one small easy to take dose.I can’t get my hubby to take my fish oil,but he gladly took these.No fishy taste just yummy goodness. These come in 3 flavors Orange(what we had),lemon-lime,and chocolate-orange. 30 packets(month supply) sell for $21.99 Not too bad since you only take once a day and it covers two needed vitamins that work well together for great absorption. coromega.com

So there it is another great month with Bulu!!! Woo Hoo for Bulu can’t get enough of these amazing products!!! Try Code Tweet10 at checkout to see if your 1st box is free!!!

*Disclaimer:I purchased this box with my own money and all reviews are my personal opinion





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