Breakfast Made Quick and Easy with Jimmy Dean Delights

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This year our morning routine has changed a lot with our son starting college. Neither of our two teens still living at home have a car at the moment so the job falls to Mom of course to be the taxi driver all over town.

To make mornings easier at our house I like to find quick and easy breakfast options that I feel are still healthy for them to start their day off right.

Last week when me and my daughter went grocery shopping at our local Walmart we picked up a package of  Jimmy Dean Delights. We all love their Redbox Sausage,Egg, and Cheese Croissants,so we decided to try the Turkey Sausage,Egg whites, and Cheese Croissant instead.

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I was really impressed with these only having 280 calories and 16 grams of protein! I drink a lot of protein shakes and eat a lot of Greek yogurt to get that level of protein without a lot of calories.If I had known I could eat this sumptuous Jimmy Dean Delights Croissant instead I would have bought these a long time ago.

I honestly could not tell the difference in flavor from the original version,which was great and meant my picky teen son would eat them without complaint.

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My kids both rounded out their morning meal with an apple,both of which could easily be eaten in the car if we were running out of time. which means most morning they are eating in the car.

As a Mom I can feel confident my kids have started the day out right. Jimmy Dean Delights are

*A great source of protein

*All are under 300 calories

*lots of low-calorie options to choose from

My two saw all the different varieties they had to choose from at Walmart and said they couldn’t wait to try them one by one. The Cinnamon Glazed French Toast & Turkey Sausage Griddlers sound like something I want to sink my teeth into soon.

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Jimmy Dean Delights have created morning bliss at my house. I am relived to know as a Mom they are feeding their brains well before starting each day of learning. With a glass of juice,piece of fruit,and their choice of Jimmy Dean Delights their bellies will be full until lunch time at least.

So as much as I love a luscious fruit and protein smoothie for breakfast, Jimmy Deans new Delights are winning the food battle at my house with a smile and lots of full bellies.

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13 thoughts on “Breakfast Made Quick and Easy with Jimmy Dean Delights

  1. My son is addicted to these. So much so that we bought him a breakfast sandwich maker for Christmas, but we still buy these for when he is in a hurry!

  2. I love croissant especially with egg and cheese. That is very yummy breakfast and heavy for tummy, enough to keep you going and do the things you need to get done

  3. Even with all the commercials, I am still yet to try Jimmy Deans…. but I think they would make a perfect breakfast for someone on the go! I have got to try some!

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