Body Merry Stretch Mark & Scar Cream Review

A few months ago more beautiful little Granddaughter was scratched by a Main Coon cat on her face. He scratched her deep enough to cut her little face from her nose to her lip.

We immediately went to the ER for help as we knew it was going to need stitches. She was stitched up by a pediatric plastic surgeon, who did a wonderful job, but she still after all that has a scar.

We have stayed organic with her since she was born and I was wanting to find a scar cream that was organic that truly worked.

Body Merry Scar and Stretch mark cream has been the perfect answer for us.

It is 100% organic ,made with cocoa butter and lots of healthy oils. It helps to heal and hydrate the skin to encourage softer skin .

We also use a daily sunblock on her, but after just a few weeks we have already noticed a huge improvement in the look of her little face.

It is less raised and a lot less pink. It is slowly fading into the background just as we hoped.

If you are looking for a stretch mark or scar cream that is organic and actually works, then look no further, you have found the answer.



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