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I was recently sent some products from Beecology to give a try in our household. Beecology makes beecentric body care for people who care.

Well after the scare we had earlier this year in finding out that one of our daughters has a rare form of Multiple Sclerosis,we really started paying a lot closer attention to all the products we use in our home. They believe a major contributing factor to many Auto-immune disorders is toxins in our environment. Well Beecology is a company that does care about the same things I find important.

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This are the wonderful products they sent us to try. We received their Honey & Botanical Shampoo,Conditioner,Moisturizing Body Wash, and the Original Honey Hand & Body Lotion.

The body wash has a really nice pump which helps you get just the right amount without any waste.It suds up well and has the wonderful aroma of grapefruit and lemongrass. I loved that the scent was unisex,so me and the hubby could share. It moisturizes really well with a perfect mix of olive and hemp oil,which are both wonderful for your skin.

The lotion I was scent was actually busted at the top seem as you can maybe see in the photo.Well I emailed customer service and I had tracking for a new one on the same day!!! So I was super impressed with the care and quick response I got.

The lotion itself smelled amazing and was quick to absorb with no greasy film left behind.

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But I have to say these two products were by far my favorites of the four we tried. The shampoo is sulfate-free and fortified with lots of luxurious botanicals and body building proteins. I did notice that the shampoo separates after sitting for a while and it is a bit too watery of a consistency. You had to be careful not to poor too much or it just got wasted. Other than that one problem,it worked so well as a clarifying shampoo.It easily removed all the product build up in my hair.

The conditioner also worked great,smelled nice and left my hair super soft and tangle free.

Overall Beecology gets a high B+ in my book. They are 100% made in the USA and they also support a charity of your choosing by donating 10% of all profit through a website called Sweet Year

All you have to do is enter a code on the top of each product and choose the charity you want to donate to. Pretty cool I think.

So if you too are trying to remove those ugly toxins from your home I highly recommend you check out Beecology,and while you are there let them know that Laniebugzlikes sent you.

Disclaimer:I was sent these products to review in our home.I was not compensated in any other way.Doing a review is always my choice and all opinions stated are mine and mine alone.








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  1. The way a company handles an issue says so much about them. I am all about this company since they don’t use toxins and they took care of your issue. I know it’s not a product problem but it shouldn’t be left for the customer to deal with either. They sound great to me and I’ve never heard of them, thanks for sharing!

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