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Disclaimer:I was given my products free of charge to review in our home.Doing a review is always my choice and all opinions stated are mine and mine alone.

Some of you may know and some of you may not. My middle daughter was diagnosed with a rare form of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) at the first of the year. Her fiance also has MS and was diagnosed over 5 years ago.  A lot of Dr.’s believe that MS is caused by toxins in our environment. So every chemical you come in contact with can, and does have long-term consequences.

So when she found out she was pregnant with her first baby(our first granddaughter) ,I immediately started thinking of how we could lower her contact with all the yucky,toxic chemicals all around us. I know we don’t even think that using a shampoo made for babies could actually hurt our child, but they reality is it can. Some baby products even contain formaldehyde. Look up what it can do to you and then decide if you want that on your child.

I know you don’t and there are better options like Baby Spa USA. At Baby Spa they put babies safety and well-being first. A lot of research has gone into making sure all the products are 98%-100% all natural.Each product openly list the product ingredients so you know exactly what you are putting on your babies skin.

I was sent the Stage One line for newborn to crawlers. Let me now share with you some of the great products they have available for your little ones.

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These are 4 of the stage 1 products I received. The Moisturizing Body Lotion has a fresh baby scent and is 99.1% natural.It uses olive,jojoba,and grape seed oil to naturally keep your baby’s skin soft and protected.

The Soapless Body Wash and baby shampoos are also all over 98% all natural. Which makes this Nanny so happy.

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They also have a Calming Eczema Relief Cream,Soothing Face Cream,Shea Butter Diaper Cream, and Baby Massage
Oils. My only son had severe eczema as a baby and I sure wish I had this cream when he was small. I too have eczema and I tried a small amount of this cream and the itch immediately stopped. So I say try this on adult eczema too,it works!

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The last 2 items I received for my new grand baby are the organic Ultra-soft Baby Wipes and travel wipes. It is not just soaps and lotions that contain nasty toxins.Yes they are even in baby wipes! Pretty scary to me how common it is for us as humans to wash ourselves and clean ourselves with totally toxic chemicals. It is hard to get away from them,but with a little research you can easily lower your exposure and you’re families exposure.

These wipes are also biodegradable which is just one more step in making the Earth a better place for us all to live.

So if you have little ones,grand-babies or are pregnant and about to become a parent for the first time.I highly recommend you do some research on environmental toxins and how they affect you and the ones you love.

So as you can guess I give Baby Spa USA a HUGE A+!!! They have done the research and have come out with products you can trust.I will rest easier knowing my new grand-daughter will be protected from harmful toxins and yucky chemicals.














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